Underfloor Heating

The hidden heating system that warms your sole throughout the home

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are a great alternative to traditional heating systems. They provide a modern means of creating ambient heat without the need to accommodate an unsightly radiator or heater on a wall of every room. This flexible heating technology can be adapted to suit your specific heating requirements and can be used either as a primary heating source or as a secondary heating system to add creature comforts to what might otherwise be cold floors.

Our underfloor heating systems provide a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly means of heating your home than conventional radiators or storage heaters. The heating is easy to adjust with a digital thermostat placed in each room to control the ambient temperature. Though frequently used in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and conservatories where the floors are most commonly tiled, electric underfloor heating systems nowadays are being more frequently used throughout the home in bedrooms and lounges.

Under floor heating systems come either as single trace cables or rubberised mats. Both options are very thin and are easily incorporated as part of a flooring installation without the need to raise the level of the floor unduly. The systems are extremely effective in conjunction with most floor finishes, including porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble, vinyl, carpet, wood and laminate floor finishes.

Underfloor Heating Mats

This is made up of a mat with a heating cable pre-mounted on a rubberised self adhesive mesh. The mat design enables the installation of your underfloor heating system to be completed very quickly. This helps create an even heat distribution across the floor. The mats are very versatile and are effectively used with natural stone, ceramics, marble and porcelain.

Underfloor Heating Cables

Underfloor Heating Cables are ideal for smaller areas or rooms with an irregular shape. The loose cabling system offers more flexibility by making it possible to install a system evenly across an entire floor space. This is including the hard to reach areas. Underfloor heating cables can be installed in all types of rooms. They can be embedded in screeding or laid on top of suspended timber or solid concrete floors. The cabling heating systems are also commonly used in new building developments as they provide an extremely effective and economical underfloor heating solution.

Please speak to a member of our team for further information and free friendly advice on installing underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor Conservatory Heating

As an extension to the building, a conservatory is typically added to a kitchen, dining room or lounge area. This leaves conservatories at a disposition to being exposed to the elements and so historically conservatory floors have been known for being cold.

Our underfloor heating systems not only provide warmth to the floor surface, which adds a creature comfort factor in itself, but provide a more effective and economical method of heating these areas. By heating the floor itself the heat becomes retained in the floor surface. In stark contrast, radiators emit their heat into the air and so encourage heat loss through the glass and structure of the conservatory.

Please speak to a member of our team for further information and free friendly advice on installing underfloor heating systems.